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About Our Teletherapy Services

Your emotional health and well-being are our priority, and it does not need to suffer needlessly just because we can’t see you in person. In some respects, your treatment is enhanced in a virtual setting. We will receive a unique perspective of your surroundings and habits from your own setting, and oftentimes patients can more easily enter the relaxed state needed for effective treatment. Our staff has extensive training and expertise in many areas of mental health, and have received recognition for excellence and dedication to their fields.

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Miami Counseling & Resource Center’s Teletherapy Services

We provide comprehensive telehealth services to the Florida area. We’re able to offer you access to top-quality care from your phone, tablet, or other smart device.

See What Others Are Saying About Our Incredible Clinicians

I have absolutely loved working with Amy and Kevin for the past few months. I was in a very tough place with an eating disorder, and have fully turned my life around for the better with their help. I constantly refer friends in the Miami area to their services, and have heard amazing things from friends that have already worked with them. I can’t thank them enough for bringing me so much happiness in my new way of looking at food, fitness, and myself.

Abbey G

I have known Marie Acosta professionally for almost two years now. She has shown to be an exceptional therapist, with great interpersonal skills and knowledge. Marie has an exceptional passion for her career inside and outside of work. She exhibits great empathy and works hard to help her clients achieve self growth. I would definitely recommend her as a therapist.

Lorena P

Dr. Paula Levine is amazing. She worked with our daughter who at the time was only 9 years old and made a lasting impact on her life. Our daughter loved going to speak with her and truly learned so much from Dr.Levine. Years later our daughter still refers back to what she learned from Dr.Levine. She is professional, easy to work with and undoubtedly the most knowledge in her field of work. We are grateful we found her and highly recommend her.

Ida O

Dr Loree is just the calming and grounding force you need in your life. She integrates psychology and yogic philosophy to treat people as whole individuals. I trust her as a referral source for my clients and know they will be in great hands

Stephanie M

Working with Sandra Beggs has been a deep and wonderful experience. I’ll always remember her as the person who was there, accompanying me, as I made big transformations in confronting a lifelong battle with anxiety. What a joy it is to know that counselors like Sandra exist to help us. Thanks so much, MCRC.

Jessica W

Dr Levine is by far the best! The office is super friendly and professional! Highly recommended!

Sam L

I have nothing but good things to say about this place, from the setting up of the appointment to the staff. Dr. Iglesias and Dr. Beggs are truly some of the most compassionate and understanding people I have dealt with and I would not hesitate to recommend them, or the facility, to anyone.

David S

Laura Urquiaga-Balter has demonstrated a genuine concern for our daughter and her well being during a very traumatic time/incident in her life. She has always made herself available to us whenever we had a situation with our daughter. We cannot find enough words to thank her for her efforts. She is truly an asset to Miami Counseling and Resource Center.

Alberto B

I have worked with Dr. David Sandrow and his associates for many years. Dr. Sandrow is a very competent psychologist who had a solid understanding of his patients. HIs testing is on target and his interactions with families is very positive. I would highly recommend Dr. Sandrow and the Miami Counseling and Resource Center.

Martha M

It’s so hard to find a doctor that can treat teenagers. We are so grateful to Dr. Antia for putting on the right track with treating our child. She is patient, available, and is methodically thoughtful in her approach with giving medication and talk therapy. I can say only good things about this doctor.

Thank you, Dr. Antia. We will always be grateful.

Audra C

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Are you interested in a new, more convenient way to receive treatment, and live in Florida? We’d love to tell you more. To get started fill out this form.

Contact Us for Teletherapy Service Options

Are you interested in a new, more convenient way to receive treatment, and live in Florida? We’d love to tell you more. To get started fill out this form.