School Problems

Sometimes academic problems are present but are not being caused by a learning disability or ADHD.  Difficulties in academic performance can be caused by a range of other factors including:

  • Memory problems
  • Motivation
  • Poor study skills
  • Social difficulties
  • Poor emotional functioning
  • Low self-esteem

Testing can both uncover the area of weakness that is inhibiting the individual from succeeding and also highlight the areas of strength.  Every individual needs an area in which to shine, particularly those with difficulties in school.  Artistic abilities, mechanical skills, social talents, and athletic strengths should be discovered and reinforced.  Testing will provide a snapshot of one’s unique abilities and intelligences to make sure that self-esteem, motivation, and ambition are not thwarted because of the over-emphasis in school on academic performance. Finding the “gift within” each individual is essential for confidence and success, both in school and career endeavors.