Assertiveness & Self-Esteem

At the Miami Counseling and Resource Center, we have observed how a focus on communicating effectively and assertively improves self-esteem. In addition, enhanced self-esteem and assertiveness aid in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anger management, and relationship difficulties.

We assist clients in enhancing their self-esteem both by working through self-defeating and negative thinking patterns developed during childhood and by teaching direct and clear communication patterns and assertiveness skills. This is accomplished in an individual, family, couple, or group setting, and is often assisted by role play scenarios and specialized reading assignments. Our assertiveness training combines psycho-educational, cognitive behavioral, behavioral, and supportive therapies.

The psycho-educational methods we use include teaching clients how to successfully state thoughts and feelings and to manage difficult conversations. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, we help our clients to challenge and change the non-productive self statements they have been developing throughout their lives. These messages contribute to the barriers to speaking up for oneself and to achieving a greater sense of self-worth.