Couples/Pre-Marital/Marital Counseling

A happy and fulfilling marriage has been consistently linked in studies to greater health and a sense of well-being. Unfortunately, current divorce rates continue to hover around 50%, and many more couples are not satisfied with their relationships. Sexual problems, financial stress, infidelity, communication problems, domestic violence, cultural factors, religion, health and age related concerns all represent areas commonly addressed couples counseling.

Couples Therapy

The psychologists and couples therapists who work with couples at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center utilize the latest research findings and techniques to help bring about positive relationship changes. Learning healthy communication skills, productive conflict resolution strategies, realistic expectations, intimacy building, and parenting skills, couples practice new patterns of interaction under the guidance of their sensitive and caring mental health professional. Pre-marital counseling is offered to any committed couple who wants to strengthen their bond, work on differences, and look into the future at possible difficulties that may arise. Doesn’t your relationship deserve the nurturing and attention necessary to enrich your life?