At the Miami Counseling and Resource Center, we invite you to meet with a registered dietitian / nutritionist specializing in the treatment of weight related issues such as obesity, bariatric surgery, diabetes and hypertension. GI disorders, disordered eating and other medical problems that are impacted by nutrition and/or weight are also included in our services. We provide nutrition counseling for all ages using a “diet-free” approach to weight management. Individual nutrition sessions provide a nurturing environment where you can develop a positive relationship with food and with your body.

Here are just a few of the topics you might discuss with your registered dietitian/nutritionist in your individual nutrition counseling sessions:

  • Make sense of your own weight and diet history, body composition and overall nutritional health.
  • Develop an eating pattern that fits your schedule and nutritional needs while optimizing your metabolism.
  • Identify, understand and deal with food cravings.
  • Address medical problems that are impacted by nutrition and/or weight.
  • Reach and/or maintain your healthy body weight without starving or harming yourself.