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About Our Teletherapy Treatment

Your emotional health and well-being are our priority, and it does not need to suffer needlessly just because we can’t see you in person. In some respects, your treatment is enhanced in a virtual setting. We will receive a unique perspective of your surroundings and habits from your own setting, and oftentimes patients can more easily enter the relaxed state needed for effective treatment. Our staff has extensive training and expertise in many areas of mental health, and have received recognition for excellence and dedication to their fields.

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Miami Counseling & Resource Center’s Teletherapy Treatment

We provide comprehensive telehealth services to the Florida area. We’re able to offer you access to top-quality care from your phone, tablet, or other smart device.

See What Others Are Saying About Our Incredible Clinicians

If I don’t tell you enough please know from the bottom of my heart….I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU AND ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME. You have blessed my life with so much goodness I cannnot begin to tell you in person because I just overwhelm with emotion.
I feel like I cannot envision a better therapist. You’ve been for me exactly what I needed. You haven’t judged, I’ve felt loved and I’ve felt safe. If I never tell you again – please know that I leave your office often with so much gratitude I can’t stand it. Lol. What a gift!

Thank you for all the work you do everyday to enrich our lives Sandra. You are a mentor for me in more ways than you know. This is life changing stuff. It’s souls you’re healing. God smiles on you. I know it.


When I started meeting with Sandra, I never knew how life changing and important she’d be. The reason I started with her was because my mom passed away unexpectedly and tragically and I knew that I needed someone to guide me through the grief I was going to face over the months, if not, years. As we worked over the years, so much came to the surface that I was so happy to work through together. Some people find it easier to glide through these times, but I experienced guilt, anger, sadness and realizations that opened doors for me in moving forward. After a couple of years meeting with Sandra, I personally went through a traumatic experience on a plane, where I thought it was going to be my time. It triggered panic attacks that I never had before. In fact, I never had anxiety my whole life and would consider myself very calm under pressure and stress. These panic attacks triggered what turned into days and months of attacks. Sandra was meeting with me 3-4 times a week and we started EMDR, which was also life changing. I don’t like taking any medication, but after being introduced to Dr Iglacious, they both partnered to come up with the best plan for ME along with a goal to be off all medications as earliest as possible. I still meet with Sandra weekly after months of not having any attacks and back to living my life. It’s truly incredible how far I’ve come because of the tools Sandra equipped me with during many sessions. Tools that not only help distract during an attack, but tools that allow me to be more mindful, present, non- judgmental and loving to myself. I’ve learned the powerfulness of the mind, effectiveness of EMDR, the ease medication can lend and how phenomenal a mental health therapist could be. I trust that I will have Sandra in my life for years to come because she’s become someone I can check in with, work through issues with, gain confidence with and overall a good person. I recommend Sandra to anyone looking for a gentle soul that’s nonjudgmental.


I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate all you have done for me in the past few weeks. I do not think I would have reached this point of peace and understanding without you! I am forever grateful.

J.C., EMDR Client

Working with Sandra Beggs has been a deep and wonderful experience. I’ll always remember her as the person who was there, accompanying me, as I made big transformations in confronting a lifelong battle with anxiety. What a joy it is to know that counselors like Sandra exist to help us.


Thank you for your kindness and emotional support when I needed it most! You made all the difference, and my life is better now because of your help. Without your encouragement, I would not have been able to take the bold steps necessary to create a wonderful new life for myself. I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart.


I have been working with Sandra Beggs for the past 7 months with remarkable progress. Sandra has offered me a safe space to process my personal experiences in a healthy way using tools like EMDR, bodywork/dance movement, and art. At the same time, I feel like together we have created a fertile environment for me to transform and reconcile different aspects of myself, which in return has allowed me to build back my self confidence while feeling empowered to share my story and help others that may be going through a similar process.


I wanted to reach out now and tell you what a profound impact those classes had/still have on me. I’ve built my life on some of the things we did in those classes.

Michelle, Group Participant

Thank you for everything you have done for our family! You are one in a million.


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Are you interested in a new, more convenient way to receive treatment, and live in Florida? We’d love to tell you more. To get started fill out this form.

Contact Us for Teletherapy Treatment Options

Are you interested in a new, more convenient way to receive treatment, and live in Florida? We’d love to tell you more. To get started fill out this form.