Family Therapy

It is well understood in the fields of psychology and counseling that individuals’ emotional or behavioral difficulties are often related to dynamics within their family relationships. Families are viewed as “systems,” with each family member playing certain roles in which they affect and are affected by the functioning of the entire system. An important concept in family therapy is the notion of homeostasis, or balance, which counseling helps to create and foster. The concept of boundaries is also important, which refers to the closeness or distance between family members, as well as hierarchies and subsystems within the family.

Family Counseling

Our family therapists and family counselors are adept at evaluating the structure of family systems and offering interventions to facilitate healthy and positive changes that benefit the emotional well-being of all family members. Patients and their families are often amazed at the extent to which an individual can make positive changes and overcome emotional or behavioral difficulties by examining and making changes within their family relationships and dynamics.