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Gay & Lesbian_Issues

Some individuals go through life questioning their sexual identity. Many individuals realize upon reflection that their deeper identity is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. This group of persons realize their previous understanding of themselves as mistaken and based, perhaps, on fears of social rejection, lack of self-awareness, or a lack of deep self-acceptance.Even after one has realized and accepted one’s sexual orientation as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, it is common at first to be quite anxious and concerned about revealing that sexual orientation to others. Fears of family or social rejection are common, and in some instances, justified. Developing the courage and confidence to socially express who you are sometimes takes time and a lot of outside support. Sorting out one’s deepest self-understandings and learning to accept one’s sexual identity is a difficult process.Coming out can be a complicated and emotional undertaking or it can be something that one wishes to withhold. Either direction can be fraught with confusion. Also, navigating through new social circles and relationships can add to the challenges. As with any relationship, difficulties can ensue that may need attention. LGBT issues therapists in Coral Gables office of the Miami Counseling & Resource Center can help with these confusing problems and others that may arise.