Women’s Resource & Counseling Center

Women’s Resource & Counseling Center (WRCC), one of the four divisions of the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, was founded in 1977, and was originally established to address the special needs of women as they took on more challenging and complex roles, both at home and in the workplace. WRCC has become a special place where women of all ages come for counseling and support as they continue to reshape and balance their lives.

While we applaud women who take on new challenges that shatter long held stereotypes we equally support those who make more traditional personal and professional decisions. Having the choice is what matters. Obtaining a deep understanding of oneself, developing the confidence to communicate that self to others and learning how to access and use resources ensure that a true choice is made.

For many women their relationships are vitally interwoven into all aspects of their lives. When a woman grows, the changes that she makes can profoundly in affect those close to her. We encourage women to make these deep changes gradually, while at the same time remaining sensitive to the impact of such changes on significant others. In this way, the important relationships in women’s lives are acknowledged, and parents, spouses, siblings and children may be included in her therapy.

The members of our treatment team, including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, nutritionists and a psychiatrist, encourage women to find their voices, speak their truths, discover their uniqueness, and celebrate their strengths.

We’ve Come a Long Way!