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Miami Counseling & Resource Center is a full-service mental health treatment center providing psychological services and therapy to children, teenagers, and adults for a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioral and relationship issues.

Miami Counseling & Resource Center:

The Miami Counseling & Resource Center is a multidisciplinary mental health treatment center staffed by psychologists, child psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, nutritionists, and both adult and child psychiatrists.

Psychological Testing is Available:

Psychological testing conducted by our child psychologist is available to children and adults for a variety of presenting problems, including intelligence and gifted placement, learning disabilities, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), personality testing, and diagnosis of other emotional and behavioral problems.

Individual & Family Therapy:

Individual and Family therapy are the predominant modes of therapy / counseling offered at our convenient Miami – South Florida offices located in the heart of downtown Coral Gables. Group therapy is provided in the areas of assertiveness, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, divorce, parenting, grief and loss, children’s issues, self-esteem, stress management, and other relationship issues.

Psychopharmacological Management

Psychopharmacological Management of psychiatric symptoms by our talented child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists are offered in conjunction with our other mental health treatment services.

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Anxiety Disorders are the most common psychological disorders in the U.S. with 19.1 million (13.3%) of the adult population (ages 18-54) affected…


With depression currently affecting more than 14 million people, the therapists at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center…

Marriage & Family

Divorce & Family Counseling Center, one of the four divisions of the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, was established in 1990…

Child & Adolescent

The Miami Counseling & Resource Center has child psychologists and therapists who offer individual and family therapy / counseling for children and teenagers…

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder are receiving a great deal of attention in the media…

Women’s Issues

Women’s Resource & Counseling Center (WRCC), one of the four divisions of the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, was founded in 1977…

Testing & Evaluation

Child psychologists at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center specialize in psychological testing and educational evaluations, providing comprehensive…

Psychiatric Medication

Our esteemed psychiatrists at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, M.D., Diana Antia, M.D., and Evelia Iglesias, M.D. are board certified in adult psychiatry…

Nutrition Counseling

At the Miami Counseling and Resource Center, we invite you to meet with a registered dietitian / nutritionist specializing in the treatment…

Addictions Treatment

Addictions treatment at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center is accomplished on an out-patient basis using a holistic and scientifically-based approach…

Group Therapy Workshops

We provide ongoing group therapy workshops to provide interested individuals with another format for treatment…

Meet The Staff

Miami Counseling & Resource Center is a full-service mental health treatment center providing psychological services – meet the therapists who make a difference…

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