Gifted Placements & Intelligence Testing

The identification of a child as “gifted” is an exciting but also challenging process. Gifted children often need a different approach to scholastic enrichment and social development. Creating a stimulating environment to enhance their minds and foster a solid work ethic is a constant challenge. It is also important to attend to their social needs as their needs may differ from the average child.Gifted testing (or IQ testing) offers a snapshot of various cognitive features including verbal and nonverbal intelligence. A gifted evaluation will provide a breakdown of intellectual strengths and weaknesses and indicate whether criteria are met for placement in a gifted program. While results of the gifted testing will determine placement eligibility, other factors such as emotional maturity, placement timing, and parental tips for raising a gifted child are discussed. Knowledge of their unique aptitudes can also highlight specific areas of academic strength and lead into discussions of potential career interests.The gifted testing is conducted in 1-2 hours and is a fairly simple process. We make sure that your child is relaxed and comfortable. The gifted testing results are in accordance with Dade and Broward public school requirements. Private schools tend to follow this same procedure but it is important to become aware of any private school differences. We use the Wechsler Intelligence Tests for our standard gifted evaluation.

Please contact David Sandrow, Ph.D., Psychologist, Director of Testing, if you have further questions (