With depression currently affecting more than 14 million people, the treatment team at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, including psychologists, licensed counselors, family therapists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists, has developed expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of this debilitating mood disorder. Aside from depression, other mood disorders treated include bipolar disorder (manic-depression), dysthymia, and adjustment disorders. Our psychotherapists and counselors are skilled in a variety of treatment approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Our in-house psychiatrist, Dr. Diana Antia can provide medication management, when appropriate, and will work in a close partnership with your treating psychotherapist.

At the Miami Counseling & Resource Center, we provide individual, marital and family therapy, and group therapy, depending on your needs. We are mindful of how incapacitating depression can be to all aspects of your life, particularly your relationships. As a result, we team with our patients to improve mood, energy levels, zest for life, motivation, and daily functioning. We will help reduce irritability, appetite and sleep disturbances, and difficulty with concentration and memory. And, of course, we will help restore hope. The success rate for treating depression is high – approximately 80% of people get better with proper and skillful treatment.