David Sandrow, Ph.D.

David Sandrow, Ph.D.



David Sandrow, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist and the co-director of Miami Counseling & Resource Center.

He grew up in Miami and attended the University of Michigan and Nova Southeastern University for his higher education.  Professionally, he works with children, adolescents, and adults including families and couples.  He works with common psychological ailments such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Behavior or emotional difficulties
  • ADHD

In addition, Dr. Sandrow has conducted and/or published research on bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and biofeedback.  He has been trained in various relaxation interventions including meditation, guided-imagery, and autogenics, and uses both western and eastern-guided philosophies in counseling. He has been on staff and worked at Miami Children’s Hospital for many years and taught at the University of Miami.  Certain areas that he specializes in are the following:

  • Career testing and counseling
  • Stress management
  • Meditation, guided-imagery, and autogenics
  • Educational testing and counseling
  • Learning disabilities (reading or dyslexia, math, and writing)
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity-Impulsivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • IQ or gifted testing

Dr. Sandrow works hard to provide accurate assessment and appropriate treatment recommendations so that you or your child will receive the important assistance he or she needs to succeed.  Psychological testing and assessment are often the beginning stages of determining what is at the core of one’s problems.  The process can help expedite what have been long-term and unanswered questions and lead to productive changes.

For individuals that are students, educational testing can be a powerful mechanism to assist in leveling the playing field with certain accommodations being afforded:

  • Extended time on tests (e.g., FCAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.)
  • Distraction free environment for tests
  • Use of a calculator
  • Use of a word processer for writing
  • Substitution or waived courses

This assistance can extend into college and graduate school and help make the difference in following through on one’s academic goals.  Please see attached brochure (Finding the Gift Within) for more information.

In addition, Dr. Sandrow is a trained coach for Cogmed, a working memory training program that has shown excellent results for improving attention, reducing distractibility, and enhancing working memory.  Please visit www.cogmed.com for more information.

For individuals that are beginning careers, the progression from school into the workforce is challenging.  Finding a career path that fits is an essential component to being successful not only at work but in life.  A career evaluation is a stimulating process of self-discovery and often times the educational piece that is unattended to in formal education.  It examines the following areas:

  • Interests
  • Aptitudes
  • Personality
  • Values
  • Experience

For parents who are raising a family, children can provide a new source of complex challenges.  Dr. Sandrow has worked with children and adolescents and their families through many trying times.  Children are an amazing part of life but demand attention and consistency.  Dr. Sandrow can help parents with the following concerns:

  • Difficult behaviors
  • School difficulties
  • Sleep problems
  • Social skills
  • Bullying
  • Divorce
  • Adjustment issues

Setting up behavior management and reward systems (www.TheRewardBank.com) can be a helpful part of managing life at home and school.  Dr. Sandrow developed the RewardBank to help facilitate and make it easier for parents to coordinate these systems and allow Dr. Sandrow to monitor it online from his office and provide professional guidance through this complex process.

Dr. Sandrow is available for consultation and can be reached at the following:

(305) 448-8325 ext 116