Susan Scholz-Rubin, Ph.D.

Susan Scholz-Rubin, Ph.D.



I have been in private practice for 41 years and am the founding co-director of Miami Counseling and Resource Center.

During these many years i have gained experience in working with a wide range of issues presented by my patients such as depression, anxiety, trauma, life changes and stress management to name a few of the more common requests for treatment. Central to my expertise is my ability to truly listen with compassion, coupled with a passionate belief that we are capable of change when we are willing, with proper guidance, to do the difficult and exciting work involved.

RELATIONSHIPS: After many observations I have concluded that relationships are both our greatest gifts and our most intense challenges. These relationships, of all kinds, include couples (straight or gay, married or unmarried), parent-child, sibling, friendships and colleagues. I help clients  resolve their relationship difficulties by developing a deeper understanding of their own individual issues, by identifying and breaking self-destructive patterns, by teaching conflict resolution and assertiveness techniques, and by developing a deep sense empathy and self-esteem.   These insights and changes allow for an acceptance of self and others and an openness to fully engage in relationships.  When working with couples, my  preference is for them to maintain rather than discard their committed relationships. That decision necessitates hard work, letting go of defensiveness and resentment, and a willingness to listen to the needs and requests of each other. Committed relationships and families are worth saving.

INFIDELITY: Marital infidelity often provides the greatest challenge. In therapy  many couples are successful at rebuilding their shattered dreams or creating new ones. Regaining trust requires a huge commitment from each person and I walk the difficult road with my frightened, angry and oftentimes confused clients.  More information.

DIVORCE: Sometimes marital hopes end in separation or divorce, and a state of tragic tension often develops. The cost of divorce is both emotional and financial, deeply touching all members of the family. With my mediation skills I assist divorcing couples to have open and cooperative communication and guide them with the many decisions they will need to make to live separate lives. .

CHILDREN and DIVORCE: The loss of the family resulting from divorce is exceptionally difficult for most parents and especially for their children and I work with all members of the family in an attempt to minimize the psychological/emotional damage.  I consult with the parents at each stage of the process by offering advice about how to tell the children about the decision to divorce, counseling the parents through the actual separation, helping them move through the challenging divorce process, and assisting them in working through the many unanticipated effects of the divorce aftermath.  At every stage, the needs and effects on the children are kept at the forefront. When requested, I will develop a comprehensive PARENTING PLAN to ensure that the children and each parent are able to have a close and continuing relationship with one another.

Working with non-traditional step-parent and blended families are other specialties.

LOSS & GRIEF: There are numerous losses that are experienced over the years of our lives. Loss can come in many forms such as loss of one’s independence, health or youth, a job, a home, financial or emotional security and various relationships. The death of a close and adored loved one can be the most devastating  experience and the resulting grief terrifying . The bereaved are often overwhelmed by a roller coaster of unfamiliar emotions. Their perspective on life shifts dramatically. and a desperate search for meaning may be triggered. Some find hope with the belief that their loved ones do ‘survive’ physical death and that reunification will occur. It is clear that the way we grieve is as unique as each individual and that there is no right way to grieve. I am honored when I am allowed to accompany the bereaved on their arduous journey.  I am so very grateful to have had those who helped to guide me through such difficult times.