Annie Khan, Psy.D.

Annie Khan, Psy.D.



Specialties: Sex Therapist, LGBTQ Ally, Couples Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner  

Dr. Annie Khan has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Certified Sex Therapist. She works with a wide range of concerns, such as: stress management, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, major life changes, and couples and familial issues. As a Sex Therapist Dr. Khan works with individuals regarding issues of sexual dysfunction, such as pain during sex, challenges regarding erectile dysfunction, general education regarding sexual intimacy, low/no desire, etc. Dr. Khan helps couples reconnect intimately by addressing obstacles to sexual connection and providing support around sexual health. Dr. Khan subscribes to a sex positive approach and inclusive manner of addressing all issues pertaining to a healthy sex life.  

Dr. Khan’s therapeutic style allows for the development of a trusting and positive relationship and provides a safe and comfortable space within which presenting concerns can be addressed.  Through her personal experiences, training, and practice, she has gained a unique insight into the adjustment faced by individuals who feel culturally, socially, or philosophically challenged. This involvement, with a wide range of backgrounds, forms the foundation of her work with others. Her expertise within the field of sex therapy provides an additional layer of acceptance and openness to discussing challenges specific to sex, sexual identity and sexual orientation.

As a Caribbean female Dr. Khan has an intimate appreciation of the challenges faced by cultural minorities; adapting, integrating and succeeding in a different society while maintaining their own cultural identity and the value it has. Dr. Khan sees this as an integral part of her work.  In addition, Dr. Khan considers herself an ally for the LGBTQ community. She has expertise working with sexual identity and familial challenges of coming out. Dr. Khan works with transgendered individual to create a therapeutically supportive environment and provides a bridge to appropriate resources for this community. Dr. Khan, trained in the field of couples counseling and sex therapy, has developed her own unique understanding of the challenges faced by LGBTQ couples.

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