Childhood Obesity

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In this thinness-crazed society, it’s hard to believe that one in three children is not only overweight but actually, according to medical standards, obese.  Despite an increasing awareness of diet and fitness in our nation, as witnessed in Michelle Obama’s campaign “Let’s Move”, the next generation of adults is destined to be even more obese than the current one.

When children are obese, they experience shame, bullying and humiliation.  They are teased, excluded from social and athletic opportunities, and tend to isolate and comfort themselves with … you guessed it … food.  When families don’t pay attention, overeating in our fast-food, sedentary culture can, for a child, become a way of life.

At Miami Counseling & Resource Center our therapists and nutritionist, Amy Jaffe, MS, RD, LD, can help families confront and challenge the lifestyle issues that are contributing to their child’s obesity.  The family will be coached as a unit to make lasting changes, one step at a time.  Nutritional counseling and interventions now will prevent serious physical and psychological problems in the future … and allow children to reach their full potential without the stigma of obesity.

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