Nancy Fink, LMHC

Nancy Fink, LMHC



Nancy Fink, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 20 years. She has broad experience and is equally adept at individual, couples and group therapy.

Her experience as a psychotherapist includes helping adolescents and adults overcome their struggles with mental health, relationship, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, and personal growth issues. Over the years she has helped many clients work through the process of recovery from substance abuse and addictions. She has also helped many survivors of childhood sexual abuse in their healing process.Ms. Fink has vast experience with a wide variety of couple issues – marital, pre-marital, gay and lesbian. She has extensive experience in assisting families who are striving to avoid the pitfalls of divorce. She has helped many couples improve their level of marital satisfaction, reconnect and heal painful trust issues arising from infidelity and other betrayals. As a consultant to the Dade County Family Courts for the past 15 years, she has conducted more than 50 custody investigations. She is registered with the Dade County Family Courts as a Parenting Coordinator and is experienced in working with high-conflict divorcing and divorced families.

Ms. Fink also specializes in treating adults and adolescents struggling with eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and emotional eating. She helps her patients to understand the dynamics of their eating disorder symptoms and aids them in finding healthier thinking patterns and coping mechanisms.

Ms. Fink has a strong interest in self-esteem issues and has run a women’s self-esteem group for nine years. She created and ran a group to help women overcome co-dependency. She has also worked with both men and women in eating disorder groups and assertiveness training workshops.