Annie Khan, PsyD

About Me

Dr. Annie Khan completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and works with a wide range of concerns, such as: stress management, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, major life changes, and couples and familial issues. Dr. Khan’s therapeutic style allows for the development of a trusting and positive relationship and provides a safe and comfortable space within which presenting concerns can be addressed.  Through her personal experiences, training, and practice, she has gained a unique insight into the adjustment faced by individuals who feel culturally, socially, or philosophically challenged. This involvement, with a wide range of backgrounds, forms the foundation of her work with others.

As a Caribbean female Dr. Khan has an intimate appreciation of the challenges faced by cultural minorities; adapting, integrating and succeeding in a different society while maintaining their own cultural identity and the value it has. Dr. Khan sees this as an integral part of her work.  In addition, Dr. Khan considers herself an ally for the LGBTQ community. She has expertise working with sexual identity and familial challenges of coming out. Dr. Khan, trained in the field of couples counseling, has developed her own unique understanding of the challenges faced by LGBT couples.

Furthermore, Dr. Khan is experienced with and understands people who are dealing with questions regarding their life’s path. She works to create an atmosphere in which faith, morality, and spiritual uncertainties can be comfortably discussed.  She has also worked, for several years, with young adults who were transitioning into adulthood and dealing with concerns regarding purpose, values, and beliefs.

Dr. Khan offers a Mindfulness Meditation workshop which focuses on accepting the present, a valuable skill in our fast-paced society. Through mindfulness individuals learn to reduce stress and be more relaxed in life.  More information can be found here: Six Week Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

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