by | Dec 14, 2014

Miami Counseling & Resource Center is fortunate to have Diana Antia, MD and Evelia Iglesias, MD as members of our team.  Both are exceptionally well trained psychiatrists and are creative, empathic and resourceful in their work with patients.

When Dr. Antia evaluates a young patient, it is with diligence and thoughtfulness, taking the time to understand the special needs of an individual child and their family system.  Her treatment plans are comprehensive and thorough and always include the patients and family’s views to ensure compliance with therapy and medications.  She treats children, adolescents and adults.

In Dr. Evelia Iglesias’ initial consultation, after comprehensive assessment of the patient’s history, diagnosis, and personality, she prescribes what she believes is the best medication or combination of medications to bring relief and lead to improvement in her patient’s symptoms and quality of life.  She sees adult patients, 18 and older.

Both doctors are eager to see new patients, will make appointments in a timely fashion, and collaborate with the patient’s other providers, such as physicians and therapists, to ensure the most comprehensive treatment.

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