Miami Counseling & Resource Center is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 48 reviews from around the Web.
Our daughter loved going to speak with her and truly learned so much from Dr.Levine. We are grateful we found her and highly recommend her.
She is amazing in her insight and ability to say just the right thing ...at the right time.
Everyone is very sweet and understanding. Marie has been the best therapist i'e had. I do recommend this to everyone.
She is an outstanding person and makes you feel so at ease. I highly recommend Miami Counseling!
She is professional, organized and thorough. Ashley has been a blessing in my life .
She is very professional, always punctual and is wonderful at her job. She is a great listener and very insightful.
Dr. Iglesias and Dr. Beggs are truly some of the most compassionate and understanding people I have dealt with and I would not hesitate to recommend them, or the facility, to anyone.
She is one of the most unbelievable people I've ever met. When people talk about the fact that...
Dr Levine is by far the best! The office is super friendly and professional! Highly recommended!
Miami Counseling & Resource Center is exactly what I needed to help me divulge a deeper understanding and comfort level with myself.
I absolutely love working with Callie and working with her has truly helped me.
Great people! Really down to earth and helpful in a comfortable environment.
I absolutely love Miami Counseling's service.
I constantly refer friends in the Miami area to their services, and have heard amazing things from friends that have already worked with them.
She integrates psychology and yogic philosophy to treat people as whole indivduals.
Working with Sandra Beggs has been a deep and wonderful experience. What a joy it is to know that counselors like Sandra exist to help us.
I LOVE THEM BOTH MORE THAN YOU CAN UNDERSTAND. Dr. Iglesias wasn't like all the othe
I LOVE THEM BOTH MORE THAN YOU CAN UNDERSTAND. Within a few months I was my old self again. I was feeling so amazing that I got Pregnant!
Dr. Beggs has offered me a safe space to process my personal experiences in a healthy way using tools like EMDR, bodywork/dance movement, and art.
She definitely knows her stuff, and I highly recommend her. Her pricing is also very reasonable.
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