Gastric By-Pass Service

There are 60 million obese adults in the United States, most of whom have repeatedly tried a wide variety of weight loss techniques: food diets, liquid diets, fasts, weight loss and fat-burning medications, strenuous exercising, and nutritional counseling. No matter what technique used and how much weight lost, 95% of individuals not only regain all the weight lost, but often additional weight  as well. Furthermore, when one suffers from Binge Eating Disorder, also referred to as compulsive overeating, no technique, including gastric by-pass surgery, will result in long-term success unless the underlying eating disorder is resolved.

Nonetheless, more and more people are turning to gastric bypass-surgery as a last resort. While the surgery itself is relatively uncomplicated, it is after the surgery that the hard work really begins. The challenges of dealing with food restrictions for life, emotional and lifestyle changes, weight loss, and maintenance of weight loss can be frustrating and overwhelming.

To this end, we now offer pre-surgery consultation and counseling to individuals considering Gastric Bypass Surgery, as well as post-surgery counseling and follow-up to individuals who have undergone the surgery and require additional help with weight loss, weight loss maintenance, lifestyle and relationship changes. We offer assistance with changing eating habits, modifying lifestyle, dealing with new and emerging body image issues, and incorporating moderate exercise on a regular basis.

If you are contemplating gastric by-pass surgery, you owe it to yourself to enquire about our services.

  • Pre-Treatment Questionnaires and Initial Evaluation Interview
  • Medication & Nutrition Counseling On-site
  • Professional Consultation
  • Guaranteeing Better Success with Gastric Bypass Surgery (GBS with GBS)