Miami Counseling & Resource Center provides ongoing group therapy workshops to provide interested individuals with another format for treatment.  Unlike individual counseling, group therapy brings several clients together who have similar concerns and through the guidance of a group leader, the clinical therapist, create a healing and supportive environment.  Typical groups include:

  • social anxiety
  • eating disorder
  • self-esteem
  • assertiveness
  • women’s group
  • depression

We have a number of active Group Therapy workshops available right now.

Please call to inquire about availability or to request another group.


Divorce Workshop: Surviving the First Twelve Months

The Divorce & Family Counseling Center, a subdivision of Miami Counseling & Resource Center…

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Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Mindfulness meditation involves training our mind to observe the present in a non-judgmental manner, with patience and acceptance. Mindfulness…

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Dance/Movement Therapy and Expressive Arts

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Group Therapy for Eating Disorders

Group therapy has always been considered one of the more effective treatment modalities for eating disorders, particularly when combined…

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