Many of the therapists and counselors at the Miami Counseling & Resource Center specialize in working with issues of infidelity for married or unmarried couples, as well as for same sex couples. For couples who wish to reconstruct their relationships after one partner has been unfaithful, we offer help to both partners and to the couple as they work to re-create themselves and perhaps their relationship. Part of the process involves the major decision about whether or not to continue the relationship and whether it is possible to repair the damage resulting from the affair and begin the process of forgiveness. Remarkably, some couples are able to develop stronger and healthier relationships than they had before the affair, as a result of improved communication and understanding of each other’s needs through counseling.

  • Some of the most common questions asked throughout therapy are:
  • “Once there has been so much damage can the relationship ever be solid again?”
  • “How can I ever trust you again?”
  • “Yes, you are making changes to improve and save our relationship, but are they permanent or sincere?”
  • “How can you say you love me while, at the same time, you were deceiving me to be with another?”
  • “Do you wantme, or just the whole package that comes with me?”
  • “Should we stay together for the children?”
  • “Can both of us change in ways that really matter?”
  • The affair is a symptom of problems in the relationship. The discovery of the affair precipitates a crisis in the marriage (or relationship). The most threatening aspect is not the affair itself, but the feelings of betrayal and helplessness. An affair is a giant wake-up call for those willing to hear the alarm.
  • Counseling is also available for:
  • Individuals whose relationships end as a result of infidelity, and who are having a difficult time moving beyond the experience.
  • Individuals who want to assess their own individual contribution to the future of their relationship, and to understand the ‘meaning’ behind the affair.
  • A partner who has ended an affair and wants to consider the advantages and disadvantages of revealing the terminated affair.
  • Partners who have not confronted a mate with their suspicion of infidelity.
  • Couples who are struggling with secrets, lies, and trust issues other than infidelity.
  • People who want to make better sense of the infidelity they experienced in their own families when they were growing up, in order to avoid similar patterns of behavior in their own relationships.
  • Couples who want to learn how to cope with the inevitable disenchantments of living together, before turning elsewhere to get their needs met.

Regardless of the final outcome of the journey that follows an incident of infidelity, the interim pain and multiple challenges of one of life’s greatest crises create an opportunity for change. People can either become stuck in the bitterness and regret or, after allowing themselves to experience  and work through the wide range of emotions, move on to develop greater maturity, understanding and wisdom.

We would like to offer support and guidance as you navigate this unfamiliar, confusing and difficult journey.

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